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The Process Of Buying

The Process of buying a property in Spain

When reaching an agreement on the purchase of an object, the purchase will be settled as follows:

  1. Drawing up and signing of the reservation agreement.
  2. Drawing up and signing of the private option to purchase contract.
  3. Drawing up and signing of the public purchase deed by the notary and entry of the purchase in the land and property register.

 MNM CostaBlanca draws up a reservation agreement with a validity of 15 days. This agreement contains the following: 

During the 15 day period after having signed the reservation agreement, MNM Costa Blanca parties will draw up the final private option to purchase contract that will be presented for signature. This private option to purchase contract will contain the following provisions.

During the purchasing process it is of great importance to request, in Spain, a Spanish registration number (NIE number), to open a bank account and, if necessary, organize a mortgage. These acts can be executed by MNM CostaBlanca.

Approaching the agreed date of notarial transfer, the public purchase deed will be prepared by the relevant notary. We will of course accompany parties. After signing the public purchase deed the following will be arranged: the registration in the land and property register, payment of the transfer tax, description with the land registry, description of gas-, water- and electricity contracts etc.

Furthermore we communicate with parties regarding practical matters such as:

In general, our goal is to help and advice our clients on a broad range of matters. Regarding our brokerage, we have made agreements with the vending party.